28 09 2011

So this is my first blog…I’ve never really wanted to blog because I’ve always thought that arrogant people must be the only people who blog.  Why should anyone want to follow lil’ ol’ me? Well, I guess given the fact that I have a business, I’m trying to get pregnant, and I’m “newly” married, maybe someone could benefit from what I write…well, I guess I’ll give it a shot. I just hope my Mom, Dad, and husband don’t end up being the only people that read this, although I love love love you three!


Okay, I’m 3.5 days away from photographing Sue D’s wedding this Saturday. I’m so anxious! I wish it would come already, but I’m actually feeling VERY ALIVE lately! Having something to look forward to where I’m my own boss, I get to call the shots (no pun intended), AND have my husband do whatever I want him to! A dream come true! Ha! I’ve been thinking about this wedding, I should say these weddings (I have another one a week from Saturday) all day and night. I didn’t get to sleep last night until midnight and I first laid down at 10:45pm. I hope I’ll sleep tonight! All I keep visualizing are the shots I’m going to take and the environments I’m going to be in.


I went to Norman Camera today and got a 580Ex II flash that I may not be able to afford…sad…but when I got home, it didn’t fire, so I have to go back tomorrow and return it.  Even though that happened, I still got an umbrella where I can shoot my other 580Ex II through it.  I’m super excited about the images Woytek (pronounced Voytek) showed me how to shoot. I think pics of my bride this weekend and next are going to look A-MAZING! And better than previous shoots! My friend in Chicago E-mailed this guy to see if I could shoot with him, so that I continue shooting even when I don’t have something coming up.  He seems so incredibly cool and I’m making contacts virtually everywhere I turn. This February I’m going to WPPI in Vegas and couldn’t be more excited. Photography is going so well, I hope I don’t ever leave this high! Oh yeah, just updated to CS5 and LR 3 this past month, so I can shoot in RAW on my 5D Mark II and not worry at ALL about post-production.  So excited and can’t wait to learn more and more about LR.


Just watched a video tonight from a Live wedding shoot. The photographer was extremely knowledgeable and gave me a lot to think about.  I can’t wait to backlight and get some amazing sky photos.  I just hope it doesn’t rain.  The Kelby training stuff can be a bit cheesy, but the extensive knowledge on metering is super helpful and I loved it.  I just wish I had soooo many more lenses than I have.  That’ll have to wait, but it’s going to be hard to save given all the stuff I want.  This way is probably better anyway though because I slowly get to know all my lenses and get to introduce myself to them and them to me.


Well, hopefully the next few days go smoothly and I get all the practice shooting in that I want.  Phil is going to learn a few things, so it should be fun.  This is a pretty exciting week. I’m glad I have a couple of weddings to take my mind off the fact that I’m going to find out next week whether I’m pregnant or not…